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the pictures are now on three pages, Town, Country and History. Some of the photos don't fit neatly into the categories, so just have a browse.

BusStation.jpg (125947 bytes) lowerwharfe.JPG (32386 bytes) Bradford Road.jpg (66486 bytes) TOWN COUNTRY HISTORY

have you any photographs of Otley or the surrounding countryside? if so you can send them to us and the best of them will appear on this site.

simply e-mail your digital camera or scanned photographs (in 'gif' or 'jpg' form please) to us at gallery@OtleyInternet.co.uk

and here is an unusual picture (not falling neatly into Town Country or History)- a photograph of Hale Bopp Comet taken on 28 March 1997, looking northwards from the end of Courthouse Street, over the roof of the former National Infant School in Wharfe Street. (Thanks to Ian Andrew for sending us the photo).

halebopp-wharfestreet2.jpg (30687 bytes)

and from the same source, here's one of the Northern Lights over Wharfe Street

n-lights-wharfe-st2.jpg (25024 bytes)

If you have any other unusual or remarkable photos, that are Otley related, please let us have them at gallery@OtleyInternet.co.uk


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