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Wharfe Valley to the west of Otley Otley from the Chevin Wharfe Valley to the East of Otley
almscliffe.JPG (37404 bytes) ? lowerwharfe2.JPG (64612 bytes)
Almscliffe Crag Your Picture Here Towards the Washburn Valley
swinsty.jpg (84702 bytes) cowandcalf.JPG (30846 bytes) West End 1.jpg (167523 bytes)
Swinsty "Cow and Calf" Ilkley Thruscross empty
jets_small.jpg (1845 bytes) wpe3.jpg (48661 bytes) wpe5.jpg (110956 bytes)
Jets over Otley Chevin in the Snow  Chevin in the Snow

have you any photographs of Otley or the surrounding countryside? if so you can send them to us and the best of them will appear on this site.

simply e-mail your digital camera or scanned photographs (in 'gif' or 'jpg' form please) to us at gallery@OtleyInternet.co.uk


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