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We are indebted to Elise Brumfitt, local historian, for the pictures of old Otley

Billams Hill.jpg (87305 bytes) Railway 1.jpg (63017 bytes) Westgate 1.jpg (60920 bytes)
Billams Hill Railway Station Westgate
Bradford Road.jpg (66486 bytes) bondgate.jpg (265419 bytes) Memorial.JPG (235727 bytes)
Bradford Road Bondgate War Memorial
kirkgate.jpg (275069 bytes) ManorSq.jpg (761894 bytes) marketpl.jpg (250818 bytes)
Kirkgate Manor Square Market Place

have you any photographs of Otley or the surrounding countryside? if so you can send them to us and the best of them will appear on this site.

simply e-mail your digital camera or scanned photographs (in 'gif' or 'jpg' form please) to us at gallery@OtleyInternet.co.uk


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