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Otley1.jpg (150048 bytes) manorho.jpg (35765 bytes) bay.jpg (38367 bytes)
Parish Church & the River Thomas Chippendale and the Manor House Bay Horse Pub
woolpack.jpg (35079 bytes) marketst.jpg (35378 bytes) shop.jpg (30009 bytes)
Woolpack Pub Market Street Some Antique Shop!
BusStation.jpg (125947 bytes) BikeRace.jpg (85218 bytes) Otley5.jpg (151112 bytes)
Building of Orchardgate Town Centre Cycle Race Otley (near the centre)
millfire.jpg (40464 bytes)
Eastern Otley
(note the old mill to the bottom left)
This is what happened to the mill Eastern Otley
(without the mill)
swans.jpg (126615 bytes) wpe1.jpg (373150 bytes) 54-Otley Centre.jpg (226050 bytes)
Swans on the River Otley in the Snow (Big file 512k) Otley Town Centre
HTBEAT1.jpg (26305 bytes) skatepk.jpg (31366 bytes) htbeat2.jpg (36442 bytes)
TV filming in the town The new Skate Park TV filming in the town
Greengrass.jpg (19944 bytes) HB20.jpg (62507 bytes) HB22.jpg (72919 bytes)
TV filming in the town TV filming in the town TV filming in the town
carn.jpg (68455 bytes) demgas.jpg (57503 bytes) cinema2.jpg (57746 bytes)
The Carnival Demolishing the gasometer The Old Cinema
garnetts.jpg (143643 bytes) PA250317.JPG (161988 bytes) PA250319.JPG (170712 bytes)
The River Wharfe Market Square / Market Street All Saints Junior School

have you any photographs of Otley or the surrounding countryside? If so you can send them to us and the best of them will appear on this site.

simply e-mail your digital camera or scanned photographs (in 'gif' or 'jpg' form please) to us at gallery@OtleyInternet.co.uk


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